Wednesday, June 14, 2006

MotoGP: a mediatic phenomenon

More than 5 billion of viewers in 2005!
The arrival of the MotoGP era has not simply signified a technological revolution.
The spectacle of the world's premier motorcycle sport has captured the imagination of the public and the media, seeing an incredible upturn in general interest over the past few years. The sight of great champions doing battle on track, beamed onto television screens all over the world, has turned it into one of the most fashionable sports on the planet.

The recent Grand Prix of Italy was enjoyed by 90,000 spectators onsite, whilst national television figures almost hit record highs, with 7,902,000 viewers and a 50.9 % share. This figure is second only to last year's Grand Prix of Catalunya, which was followed by an incredible total of 8,446,000 people in Italy.

This level of success has been possible thanks to the enormous efforts of Dorna and national TV stations to transmit the passion of motorcycle racing.

In Italy the event is broadcast by MEDIASET, who have spectators hooked all year round - from the preseason tests right the way through qualifying practice sessions and the races. Each race weekend is given nine hours of coverage by ITALIA 1 with 30 members of staff onsite including journalists, technicians, production staff and four cameras (2 in boxes and 2 in the studio), which add to the coverage provided by Dorna. For their home GP this effort was increased to 40 members of staff, including 10 cameras in the studio, box and paddock.

Overall the Grand Prix of Italy was followed by 90 cameras between Dorna and Mediaset.
Not a single centimetre of the track or paddock was left uncovered, with footage from the track feed complimented by onboard cameras and action from the boxes, pit-lane, paddock and studio.

The Italian event was broadcast by a total of 107 television stations from 36 countries, who are able to follow the entire championship and enjoy the passion of motorcycles from home.

In 2005 the MotoGP World Championship was seen by a total of 5 billion and 290 million viewers - averaging at 311 million per event. A total of 3,790 hours of coverage was broadcast on the MotoGP class alone.

TV in numbers:

5 billion and 290 million MotoGP television viewers, with an average of 311 million per race (2005 season).

3,790 of televised coverage of the premier class in 207 countries - 142 of which show lives races.
107 television stations in 36 countries following the championship, as well as 112 radio stations from 22 countries.

184 countries broadcasting live coverage of the MotoGP races.

10,020 accredited journalists for the season from 59 countries with an average of 589 per GP.

1243 newspapers headings from 55 countries. Italy has the record of 773 journalists present throughout the 17 race championship


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