Friday, May 12, 2006

5th fastest time for S. Aoyama in the 250cc

In his first contact with the Chinese track
Positive day for Shuhei Aoyama, after his unfortunate Sunday performance in Istanbul two weeks ago and complicated first timed session for Sebastián Porto.
Aoyama, has shown in his first contact with the Chinese track, that he feels very comfortable under the rain on the Shanghai circuit, setting the sixth fastest time in the morning and the fifth in the afternoon.

However, team mate Sebastián Porto cannot say the same about this first day under the rain after setting the seventeenth fastest time in the morning and the twenty-second in he afternoon, after crashing in a session that was marked by the several crashes happened in that class.

Shuhei Aoyama (38 laps, 200'678 Km): "I'm very happy with this result because I think that my team deserves it after the hard work they are doing. I like this circuit and the grip of the asphalt in the wet is impressive. We have a good setting for the wet but I'm a bit worried because of the weather, because they are announcing rain again for tomorrow but dry on Sunday and if they're right, the settings will be like a lottery.
The bike has a good set-up right now and what the rider has to do is to keep concentrated on the two remaining days of the GP."

Sebastián Porto (29 laps, 153'149 Km):< "It's been a complicated day. The truth is that we expected a lot because there were several new things to test, but with no doubt this has not been a good day for me. Today, with the rain, things became really complicated. We didn't find the right setting in the morning, and then, in the afternoon I had a crash right after the start of the practice, so I had to take the second bike and it became even worse. But well, we still have tomorrow and Sunday. There's a lot left to do and we have to work to improve if it's a wet race and if it's dry, I think that we'll do much better."

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