Monday, June 26, 2006

Unlucky race for Scuderia SC Caracchi

Rolfo: “I leave Misano with just a couple of points”
Not a lucky race day at Misano for Scuderia SC Caracchi. During Race 1 the bike of Roberto Rolfo had jolt on the starting line and the Italian rider has been penalized for jumping start, this penalty consists that the rider is requested to ride trough the pit lane during the race respecting the speed limit, and then rejoin the start. Despite that Roby achieved a 15th place, the same position that he recorded in Race 2.

"Race 1 has been a good race, despite the starting trouble when I've lost the clutch," related Roberto Rolfo. "After the ride trough penalty I had a good pace and recover to 15th place, with a point for the world championship. I must say that has been a positive race, because I rode always with a pace that could allowed me to stay just behind the leaders."

"On the contrary during Race 2 everything was wrong, since the start because I remained in the group and at the first passage I was 4,5 seconds behind as well at the second I lost 3 seconds more. The bike was difficult to manage at the beginning, then improved but passing the Curvone Muggeridge went out in the grass and shot hardly some gravel on me," added Roberto Rolfo. "I suffered a hard pain that forced me to slow down, then passed, but I had anymore the concentration and the pace to recover positions. That's a pity because I would get a good result on this home race and on the contrary I leave Misano with just a couple of points for the standing."

Luka Nedog had a good start, the during the early laps earned several positions, but after eleventh laps he rejoined the pits because the bike became difficult to manage.

"We decided to start with a tyre with a good grip and in which I was more confident," said Luka Nedog. "But with such hot track this tyre deteriorated quickly and the bike started to slide too much, so I preferred to stop. It's a pity because in the early laps I was riding well, recording the same lap time as during the qualifying and I recovered some position too."

Stuart Easton decided to renounce to start for Friday's crash consequences. "At the moment I had any pain," said Stuart Easton. "But last night I had a hard pain at the right hip that didn't allow me to slip so, agree with the team, I preferred renounce to start."

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